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  • Simple Cupcakes with buttercream + sprinkles start at £1.75 each
  • Cupcakes with buttercream, fondant and decorations at £2.00 each
  • Cupcakes with novelty themes, figures and elaborate decorations at £2.50 each
  • Mini cupcakes with buttercream and sprinkles start at £1 each
  • Giant cupcakes start at £35.00
  • Cupcake bouquets start from £19.00
  • Cake pops start at £2.00 each
  • Box of decorated cookies start at £12.00
  • Lollipop cookies start at £2.00 each
  • Celebration/Novelty cakes start at £45.00 for a round 8" cake

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Thank you so much for those beautiful cakes they have to be the BEST cakes I have ever had the icing was delicious x


Daisy Bake is one of our favourite catering suppliers. Their cakes are not only some of the best we have ever tasted, but due to the skill and creativity of Daisy, they always look amazing too. Clients always love them and we get great feedback as a result! Seemingly any theme or design that you have in mind, they can recreate on cupcakes to match. Daisy Bake’s professionalism also helps with orders placed (or changed) with very little notice, and for that we are truly grateful.Star Events (

Daisy Bake cupcakes are simply the best. Having ordered multiple boxes as presents for friends, and for my children, throughout the year, we even had a box of the very special Christmas cupcakes on Christmas Day (proving you can never have too much of a good thing)! I can honestly say that as well as always bringing a smile to my face with how wonderful they look…..they also always taste fantastic. –Roz Thornton

Thank you Daisy for the beautiful cakes for my mum's 60th. They looked beautiful, tasted amazing (especially the carrot cake, which was absolutely DELICIOUS) and as a cake maker herself, she was hugely impressed. A total hands down recommendation!–Claire Matthews

Lovely Cath Kidston-esque cupcakes for my sister today- looked amazing, thanks again x–Amy Gammon

My friend loved the cupcakes, they looked too good to eat but we did and they were delicious. Thank you x–Vicky Jobling